About Bep Lua Viet

Founded in September, 2010 by cooks who are passionate and enthusiastic to their profession. Over 5 years of establishment and development, with right and sustainable direction, the company has continuously grown strongly, asserting its brand and trust from customers, particularly

Bep Lua Viet forefront in providing our customers with solutions, products and services of high quality, professional service style. Give customers a healthy product, absolutely safe, delicious and full of nutrients.

With desire to bring labor force a meal featuring culture and flavor of Vietnam Family and further desire is to contribute to “ BUILDING A NATIONAL BRAND FOR VIETNAM – KETCHEN OF THE WORLD

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Our service
Industrial Meals For Schools, Hospitals
Bep Lua Viet Company Limited is a company specializing in supplying industrial meals to factories...
High-Grade Boxed Meals For Offices
2015, Bep Lua Viet Company Limited research and launched products Rice Box Superior-site for Gender Affairs Office ...
Event Organization
We started as professional cooks of reputable restaurants and hotels
Utility Service Counter
In addition to providing industrial meals to factories, companies, offices and schools, we also render utility services 
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Doing work with conscience and responsibility
is a business we understand that in order to survive and develop, the customer must commit to the fore.
Khác với bếp ăn thông thường, bếp ăn công nghiệp là nơi chế biến thức ăn với số lượng lớn, có thể lên đến hàng ngàn suất ăn ...