Commitments To Customer

A. Quality Policy

- Quality of food: It is a harmonious combination between fresh food and talented hands of the chef.

- The taste of the dishes is prepared in accordance with Vietnamese cuisine. It is also a harmonious combination of the taste and flavors of the three northern - central - southern regions.

- Food is skillfully processed by experienced experts to create delicious meals with nutrients and vitamins best retained in each dish.

- Our chefs have been trained basically by Saigontourist Hospitality College (Saigontourist).

B. Scientific menus

- We have extensive menus, which are changed regularly for the appetite of eaters.

- Menus are combined harmoniously and scientifically with different dishes for maximizing the absorption of essential nutrients and limiting rejection.

- Extensive menus are changed regularly with less duplication for users to be always appetite and eased boredom.

- Dishes with bold nature of Vietnam. The typical dishes of the three northern - central - southern regions for maximizing choices.

C. Professional service

- Each employee is well trained basically through training sessions to always serve customers in the best way.

- Always listening to and taking customer opinions with an inquiring mind.

- Always putting ourselves in client’s shoes to serve them.

- 100% of our employees serve customers with conscience and responsibility

D. Food safety and hygiene

- Each employee of the company has to undergo a physical examination as specified and FHS training.

- All staff of the company must take health check every 6 months and FHS training once a year.

- In addition to FHS training, our staff is regularly trained on work processes, customer service behavior to limit health risks for customers and better service.



- Maximum satisfaction of customer needs

- Diversification of products and services and creating new values of the products to improve and enhance human health

- Continuously improving service quality and providing goods at the best price

- Compliance with the regulations, policies and rules of the host factory



Bringing employee satisfaction of a safe working environment, personal development and competitive income.


- Cooperation and development of mutual benefits

- Transparency and compliance with the laws


Compliance of the laws

- Completion of tax obligations


Taking responsibility to the society

- Sharing the value

- Joining hands for community development

- Protecting the living environment