Establishment History


Founded in September, 2010 by cooks who are passionate and enthusiastic to their profession.

Over 5 years of establishment and development, with right and sustainable direction, the company has continuously grown strongly, asserting its brand and trust from customers, particularly:

  • In 2011, cooperating with Hoang Ha Lable company, My An Company, Tien Tuan company, Hwa Vina company

  • In 2002, cooperating with Galaxy Garment Manufactory Company, Doolim Binh Chanh Factory Company, FPM Company, Supersoft Vietnam company, Takco Vietnam company, Phan Boi Chau Public Secondary School.

  • In 2013: cooperating with Art Sugar Vietnam Company, Amanda Vietnam company, Suzuki Vietnam company Limited

  • In 2014: cooperating with Konohana Vietnam company, Hung Thinh Phat company, Nhan Viet High School, Coca – Cola Vietnam Company

  • In 2015, the company has been presented “EXCELLENT BRAND – TRADEMARK” by Vietnam Enterprise Development Scientific Union.