Development Orientation


- To focus on development, corporate renovation, production and business expansion,

- To increase regular revenue and aim to target customers, which are large and multinational corporations,

- To create new healthy and eco-friendly products,

- To perfect the management apparatus and the functional departments,

- To become a multi-service and high quality company,

- To build a clean food supply chain to meet the development needs of the company and customer tastes,

- To maintain and manage operations with sustainable development objectives.


With the slogan:  “Doing work with conscience and responsibility"

- Bep Lua Viet always attaches great importance to human resources as a core element and valuable assets of the company,

- The goal of Bep Lua Viet is to attach and welcome all candidates wishing to work in a dynamic innovative and efficient environment - where each individual can maximize their capacity and expertise.

- Bep Lua Viet always creates a professional and modern work environment, maximizing the right to work, dedicate, develop, and be honored of employees and harmoniously combine the interests of the company and its employees,

- Bep Lua Viet pays special attention to the development of human resources by the effective implementation of its training policy to improve knowledge and professional qualifications for employees. Training is not only for the aim of raising the qualifications of employees, for each member to become a worthy representative of Bep Lua Viet in any circumstance, but also for Bep Lua Viet to contribute to; through its training system, improving the quality of human resources of Vietnam enterprises in general.



- “To create products and services with optimal quality and provide the highest customer satisfaction.”


- To conduct deep and comprehensive research, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of the needs, wishes and aspirations of customers (in respect of economic, cultural, social and artistic aspects, etc.)

- To research, design and build a system of products and services with the best quality so as to meet the needs and bring satisfaction to customers.

- To develop our business culture based on our “customer centered principle”.  All activities of the company and our employees are towards the ultimate goals that are to satisfy customer needs and always to put ourselves in clients’ shoes to evaluate and consider all matters.

- To develop a system of communication and behavior with customers for all employees that clearly defines the functions, tasks and behavioral standards to follow.

- To implement customer care programs with compelling and practical content in order to ensure the rights and increase benefits for customers.

- To actively develop and deploy (and always accompany customers) in social and charity programs towards the community, and environment protection programs as well.