The world’s marketing legend Philip Kotler suggested through his speech at the international seminar “New age marketing” on August 17, 2007 at Sheraton Hotel, HCMC that Vietnam is possible to become “Kitchen of the world” like China as “factory of the world” or India as “Office of the world”. He meant that Image of China represents cheap goods and labor, India represents a well-developed software technology industry, and Vietnam is possible to emerge with a culture of plentiful and attractive food and beverages. Philip Kotler’s such suggestion about Vietnam image position might not be welcomed by all persons because Vietnam has other strengths rather than food and beverages, but anyway, it said one obvious thing: Vietnam needs to have a special or remarkable thing to be invested and promoted so that when talking about Vietnam means talking about such special thing.

With desire to bring labor force a meal featuring culture and flavor of Vietnam Family and further desire is to contribute to “BUILDING A NATIONAL BRAND FOR VIETNAM – KETCHEN OF THE WORLD”