Founded in September 2010 from the enthusiastic chef and enthusiasm.
Experiencing 5 years of development, with the right direction and sustainable company constantly growing, confirming the brand and the trust of customers such as:
In 2011, the company partnered with Hoang Ha Lable company, My An Company, Tien Tuan company, Hwa Vina company.
The world’s marketing legend Philip Kotler suggested through his speech at the international seminar “New age marketing” on August 17, 2007 at Sheraton Hotel, HCMC that Vietnam is possible to become “Kitchen of the world” like China as “factory of the world” or India as “Office of the world”. 
Bep Lua Viet Company Limited wants to become a reliable partner, long-term cooperation and sustainable development.
Strive hard to build successful 2015 international standard ISO-9001: 2008.
By the end of 2020 to become Vietnam's leading company in the field of food service providers, industrial catering, office lunch ... diverse, rich ...

Focusing development, enterprise innovation, production and business expansion
Increase revenue ideas regularly and customer-oriented goals are large corporations, multinational corporations
Creating new products with healthy, environmentally friendly
Completing the management apparatus, the functional departments

Quality of food: the harmony between fresh food and talented hands of the chef.

Taste dishes prepared in accordance with pure Vietnamese taste. Harmonious combination of three flavors and dishes north - central - south

Food experts are experienced chefs skillfully processed to create delicious meals, nutrients and vitamins are retained the maximum in each dish.